We offer a variety of plaques and plaque related items also, some are carried all the time and some can be special ordered.  Whatever it is your looking for we will try and accommodate your needs just ask and we'll see what we can come up with, be it for yourself or one of your sponsors. One of the places where we order supplies has now a Sports Awards website online for their wholesale accounts to send customers for product ideas, please feel free to visit Sports Awards for idea, we will try and accommodate whatever your needs might be weither it be trophies, plaques etc.

Any of these items can be ordered by just dropping us an e-mail (by using the Contact Us link), visiting with us at the track or via regular mail/phone at:
Cheryl & Waverly "Wizz" Conlogue
PO Box 118
Brownville Jct., Maine 04415
(207) 965-8020 or Cell Phone (207) 279-0578
To place an order we need the image number, plaque size and color and what you want on the engraved plate for writing. If you want it set up some other way then the standard that information should be given to us also.  If to be shipped we will need a shipping address and return e-mail address plus telephone number. If you wished them mailed to you we'll either need payment send before they are shipped (we will send you an invoice via Pay Pal) or they will be shipped COD.

The plaques themselves come in a variety of colors ranging from oak to black marble color. (See sample plaques and colors below - special colors can sometimes be ordered but will take longer and will cost slightly more). See the sample plaques below at that bottom of the page, they will give you ideas of what we can do for you, these are pretty standard ones but we can create them other ways to suit your needs.



6x8 plaque (holds a 3x5 photo)  $6.00
9x12 plaque (holds a 5x7 photo) $15.00
12x15 plaque (holds a 8x10 photo) $25.00
9x12 plaque with clock $30.00
12x15 plaque with clock $40.00
Dream Plaque (available only in brown and black marble) $40.00
Small stand up plaque (available in only brown or black marble) $15.00
Trophies done per request and cost varies according to how large they are and what goes into them, they are a pick up item and not mailed.



Sample Plaques

Sample 6x8
Black Marble Plaque

Sample 6x8
Blue Marble Plaque

Sample 6x8
Brown Plaque

Sample 6x8
Burgundy Plaque

Sample 9x12
Blue Marble Plaque

Sample 9x12
Oak Plaque

Sample 12x15 Green Marble Plaque (Vertical)

Sample 12x15 Brown Plaque (Vertical)


Sample Brown Large Stand Up Plaque

Sample 12x15 Burgundy Plaque (Horizontal)


Sample 12x15 Black Marble Plaque (Horizontal)

Sample Trophies Made
(click the image for a larger view)