If there is something specific your looking for please e-mail us (using the Contact Us link), contact us at the track or via regular mail/phone at:
Cheryl & Waverly "Wizz" Conlogue
PO Box 118
Brownville Jct., Maine 04415
(207) 965-8020 or cell phone (207) 279-0578

 and we'll do our best to get it for you.  Items ordered here can be mailed to you or can be picked up at the track. Be sure if you e-mail us with an order to give us all the details we will need, a phone number incase of questions, full mailing address and e-mail address as well as details on the item you wish ordered and the photo number you want on the item.

Mouse pads - $9.00
(designed per your instruction)






Photo Keychains - $5.00
These are double sided, you can have the same picture on both sides or 2 different pictures.
They can be done with or without writing added.

Photo Jewelry
Comes in a variety of styles.

dog tag style necklaces - $8.00

Necklaces - $12.00
(heart, oval or circle shaped)

Ear Rings - $12.00
(hanging style ear rings in heart,
oval or round shapes)

Charm Bracelet - $8.00
Charms - $5.00 each or 3/$12.00
(available in heart, oval and circle shapes)


Aluminum License Plates

or Heavy Plastic - $12.00
(designed per your instructions)


Bottle Opener/Keychain - $8.00

Pet Tags - $5.00 each
(available in variety of styles)

Keychain Hangers - $10.00

Glass Cutting Boards - (12" x 16") $30.00
(8"x 12") - $20.00

Coffee Mugs - $10.00

(designed per your instructions)

Photo Pins - $3.00 or 5/$12.50

Magnets - $1.50 or 10/$7.50

Greetings Cards - 30/$15.00
(available in variety of styles)

Bookmarks - $5.00